About Paul

Name: James Paul McCartney
Birthday: 18 June 1942 in Liverpool
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 158
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite food: Roast Beef (This was before he became a vegetarian)
Favourite actress: Sophia Loren
Favourite singer: Little RIchard
Likes: sleeping
Type of girl: any kind
Siblings: 1 brother

Friday, May 20, 2011

Early years and Family

On the drums

Singing with George

With his first guitar

on stage with the Quarry Men

With George

As a little child

With John as the Quarry Men

Hamburgh days

Paul's childhood home

Quarry Men


Baby Paul. This picture reminds me of someone...

Quarry Men Show

On a bike

Quarry Men show in Hamburgh

At age 7

With his adopted daughter Heather (from Linda's first Marriage)

With Heather, Stella, Linda

With his son James (Holy Lord they look a like!)

Paul and Jane (I consider her a wife)

Paul with Beatrice

Paul and Mary

With his mom, dad and brother Mike

Mom, Mike and Paul

Paul and Nancy :)

Paul, Linda, Stella

Paul and Stella

As a boy scout

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